Vice President of Strategic Communications



As a seasoned media and public affairs strategist, Olga brings over two decades of wide-ranging strategic communications experience, honed by working for leading corporations, non-profit organizations, trade associations, public relations, and government affairs firms, to her role as Vice President of Strategic Communications. With a remarkable ability to navigate complex issues, Olga excels in managing reputations, responding to crises, and championing policy initiatives. Over the course of her career, she has effectively leveraged her proficiency in media relations and strategy to deliver tangible outcomes for her clients.

While working for Levick Strategic Communications and VantageKnight in Washington DC, Olga delivered strategic communications and public affairs counsel to prominent corporate, governmental, and non-profit clients in the U.S., Asia, Africa, Middle East, and Latin America. Her portfolio is enriched with the successful management of multifaceted campaigns integrating media relations and policy advocacy, solidifying her track record as a developer and executor of effective strategic initiatives. During her career, Olga has written powerful opinion pieces and secured placement for her clients in leading media outlets. She is also a sought-after media strategist and counselor who has prepared high-level executives and government officials for broadcast media appearances.

Prior to joining S-3 Group, Olga was a member of T-Mobile’s corporate communications team based in the corporation’s DC office. Earlier in her career, Olga was also Corporate Communications Manager for CITGO Petroleum Corporation in Houston, Texas, where she directed all internal and external communications for the corporation and its three refineries.

Prior to setting down roots in suburban Maryland, Olga grew up living overseas in Curaçao, Nigeria, Russia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand. She graduated cum laude from American University in Washington, D.C., holding a BA in International Studies, and subsequently obtained a MA in International Development from the same institution.